Building Sustainable Enterprise

Building Sustainable Enterprise Concentration

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All students in the M.A. program in Global Sustainability must complete the core requirements (18 credits), at least one concentration (6 credits), and two elective courses (6 credits).

All courses for this program are offered fully online, fully on-campus, or in a combination. All of the Building Sustainable Enterprise concentration courses are available on-campus, some are also available online. See the course descriptions below for more information.

The M.A. in Global Sustainability concentration in Building Sustainable Enterprise will provide a foundation for designing sustainable organizations and businesses and related concepts pertaining to sustainability. Organizations and businesses from all sectors need to develop sustainable practices and models to minimize their environmental footprint and maximize their social responsibility to all stakeholders to meet the requirements of a sustainable, low carbon economy. The goal of this concentration is to provide participants with the knowledge, literacy, skills and tools they need to create more sustainable organizations.

Required Courses (6 credit hours):

GEB 6457 – Ethics, Law and Sustainable Business Practices (3)

Examines ethical and legal responsibilities of business for triple bottom line performance of prosperity, social justice, and concern for the natural environment. This course will expand on the stakeholder analysis method learned in Social, Ethical and Legal Systems. Exploring resolution of issues of such magnitude presents challenging ethical questions. It also requires prioritizing competing stakeholders. This class will open your eyes and heighten your awareness of the far-reaching impact of various corporate actions and help you make decisions when the rules aren’t clear. This course is offered both online and on-campus.

Student may choose one of the following courses:

MAR 6336 – Promotion Management (3)

Management of the promotional function as part of the total marketing program. Includes a study of relevant buyer behavior concepts, resources and budgets, media, creative aspects, and effectiveness measurements as they relate to the management tasks of developing, implementing, and evaluating promotional strategy. This course is currently only offered on-campus.

MAR 6936 – Sustainable Marketing (3)

A course designed to help students understand the challenges and opportunities with respect to
marketing an organization that strives to be sustainable. This course is currently only offered on-campus.

MAR 6936 – Supply Chain Management (3)

This course is currently only offered on-campus.

For more information about this concentration, please contact PCGS Admissions Specialist,

Anthony Macedo
(813) 974-5397

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